Testimonials of Glastonbury Acupuncture.

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for two and a half years and had had several medical issues diagnosed along the way. After sorting the medical issues I was put on a fertility drug for six months and still had no luck. I was recommended to Matt by a friend and went for it thinking anything is worth a try. I had regular sessions of acupuncture focusing mainly on my energy and after two and a half months fell pregnant! I continued to have sessions throughout my pregnancy with good effect on my morning sickness and general energy levels. I am delighted to be pregnant and really feel that the acupuncture contributed to the result, I mention it to everyone when discussing the problems we had. Matt is also very professional and knowledgeable and really puts you at ease. A big Thank You!

I had my first acupuncture treatment for severe pain caused by endomorphisms, which had been occurring for a number of years. Unbelievably I left the treatment couch with no pain at all after just one session and I am still pain free six weeks later. I just wish I had gone to see Matthew sooner!

I recently twinged my back and was in absolute agony and could barely move. I gave Matt a ring and he came round straight away. The first treatment eased it a little but the second treatment, where he attached some small electrodes to the needle was almost miraculous! I felt like jumping up and down!

Matt came to see me for sciatic pain which no matter what I did, never seemed to go away. After a few sessions I felt so much better. I now see Matt once in a while to keep it at bay and to balance my energies.

I had been experiencing insomnia for a number of weeks, when Matt came to see me. The acupuncture sessions were very relaxing and it was a luxury just to be able to go upstairs to bed after the treatments and straight into a deep sleep.

Being a hairdresser I always seem to have tense shoulders as I often do over 30 cuts a day. The relief I get from my acupuncture sessions is amazing and I especially like the cupping which relieves a lot of the tension. I certainly would recommend Matt to anyone and I often pass his card on to my customers!

I suffered from endless migraines, but after 3 sessions with Matthew I have not had a single one...touch wood!

I have been working with Matthew for over a year for a longterm chronic health condition. The treatments have alleviated many of the symptoms and my "zest" for life has been reactivated. We have recently started working with the Esoteric Acupuncture layouts - it is totally mind blowing, I experienced feelings of total cosmic consciousness and my whole energy field felt alight and vibrating! I look forward to each session to see what will happen next (and this is from someone who doesn't like needles). The added delight is that Matt works in your own home so you can rest and just "be" with the experience. Highly recommended!!!

I came to see Matthew for a bad knee I had had for a number of years. I was a bit skeptical of acupuncture at first, however during the second treatment I felt the pain literally being drawn out through the needle and it has yet to return. My skepticism has also vanished and I wont hesitate to call on Matthew for some more acupuncture should the need arise.