Tai Chi Qi Gong

My practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong is central to my success as an acupuncturist. They are a kind of moving meditation, designed specifically to ensure the free flow of Qi or energy through the body.
Qi Gong is the oldest branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine with references dating back at least 5000 years. Literally translated it means ‘breath work’ or ‘energy skill’. For me personally it is a way to balance my own energies which is essential when dealing with other peoples’ energy.
It also allows me to be more sensitive to Qi during the acupuncture diagnosis and treatment and to perhaps add some of my own Qi into the treatment.
On top off this I am able to show my patients a move, or a set of moves, which they can practice in between acupuncture sessions, which would benefit their particular ailment. For example if someone came to me with a bad back I could treat them with acupuncture and in between sessions they could practice a set of moves designed to move the energy in this area. This gives the patient an active role in the healing process and hopefully speeds up a recovery.

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