Frequently Asked Questions of Glastonbury Acupunture

  • Does it hurt? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer as always with Chinese Medicine is that it depends. Sometimes you don’t feel a thing, sometimes a dull ache and some times a little sharp shock. However most people are pleasantly surprised with how little you actually feel.
  • Are the needles clean? All the needles I use are sterile, vacuum sealed and disposed of safely after use.
  • How long is session? The first session will usually involve a consultation of around half an hour with a treatment of around 45 minutes. Subsequent sessions will usually last an hour.
  • How will I feel after? Usually you will feel quite relaxed and some people describe it as a ‘floaty’ feeling. It is usually best to not do anything too strenuous afterwards, which is a benefit of having the treatment in your own home.